Tackling Your Double Chin with Face Exercises

Over the course of time, the muscles of your face will lose their firmness and elasticity; thus, pave the way towards the appearance wrinkles, sagging, fine lines and other nasty signs of aging. The throat and neck are the areas of the face wherein signs of aging appears quicker and this makes them a bit more tricky and difficult to treat. Fortunately for you however, there are certain exercises which were developed that can help in the firming as well as toning of the muscles along these given areas. Listed below are just some of the commonly suggested facial routines that would address your concern of how to lose a double chin. Read on closely and follow them well.

– While in a seated position, move your head all the way back until you are looking directly at the ceiling. Keep your lips sealed together and just relax. Next, begin puckering your lips as if you are going to give someone a kiss and stretch your puckered lips as if you are trying to plant a kiss on the ceiling. Keep at this position for about ten seconds. Release and move your head back down towards the normal position and relax. Perform the entire procedure for five times.
– Sit in an upright position and relax. With your mouth closed, begin lowering your head backwards and look up into the ceiling. Once in that position, open up your mouth and stick out your tongue. Move your tongue far out as if you are trying to touch its tip towards your chin. You will feel a sort of pulling effect along your throat as you do so. Concentrate on that sensation and hold the position for ten seconds. Bring your tongue back and your head to the starting position. Relax and repeat the process.
– While seated in a comfortable position, tilt your head back and look into the ceiling. Keep your mouth and lips closed. Now, slide your bottom lip upwards up until it covers your upper lip. Keep your bottom lip in that position for about five counts. Move your head back down, relax and repeat again. Do this face exercise for five times more.

These are just some of the facial routines that will transform the way you look. Doing these exercises regularly would not eat up much of your time, so make sure you practice them daily. Remain consistent and motivated and that toned and younger look that you have been wanting will be achieved! Good luck.