The Pros Of Garmin GPS Watches

If you would like to consider adding hi tech tools to your weight loss regimen, youre probably wondering what to consider.  Youve heard of the pedometer for weight loss, what about using your watch?  This is the latest and greatest (really!) way to track the distance you have walked!

The Garmin brand is synonymous with GPS technology. Its no wonder as they have taken over the GPS consumer market because of their quality, ease of use, reliability and rich features. One area of GPS that they dominate the most is the GPS watch market with their Forerunner line of watches.

Since Garmin watches use GPS technology they can pinpoint your exact location any where on the globe. Using this information they will track vital fitness statistics such as distance traveled, speed, calories burned, heart rate, elevation, and a ton more, all in real-time. This information can then be uploaded to your computer and can be analyzed over time so you can find any areas of weakness that need improvement.

Just as important as the weaknesses are your strengths. Being able to see that you are increasing your distance, speed and calories burned each day can be very motivating in getting you to try your best and break your own personal records each time you go out. As an added bonus, Garmin watches come with their patented Training Center software which allows you to view your statistics in spreadsheet and chart form. It can be pretty cool to see your distance, speed and calories burned on a graph with a line going upward at a 45 degree angle.

A couple of other very useful features that will get every last bit of performance out of you are the ability to compete against previous workouts and goal setting. Being able to compete against someone who is slightly faster and stronger than you can be huge for making new heights. With the ability to compete against previous workouts you can try to beat your previous speed, distance and calories burned. This is a sure way to constantly make new records. Setting goals is a technique that the wealthy and successful have been using for centuries. With this feature you can set goals for any stat that you would like to improve on.

Of all the features of Garmin watches, the most beneficial is Garmin Connect which is an online community of other exercise enthusiasts. It has been proven that working with other like-minded individuals, who have the same objective, can drastically increase your chances of succeeding. With Garmin Connect you can compare, motivate and compete against others as you make new heights.