Improving your weight loss

Losing weight can be a battle, so every little trick of the trade should be at your disposal for success. Dieting by itself can be a hindrance for rapid results and does not do much for your overall heath issues. Caloric intake must be balanced to satisfy your carb and protein requirements for the day, while keeping the count low enough to take off weight.

To increase your weight loss capability, be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. The water helps to flush the waste and toxins from your system and encourages the pounds to melt away. However, too much water intake can damage ones electrolyte balance, thus causing extreme fatigue, dizziness and stomach cramping.

In addition to your water regiment, be sure to add at least one hour of cardio-related activity to your day. You need not join a gym if you dont want to, as just a simple brisk walk around the block or treadmill will suffice. Any kind of aerobic activity that raises the heart level for twenty minutes will burn fat and promote a healthy vascular system.

If you wish to burn more calories, you may do so in your sleep by adding muscle bulk to your body frame. Lifting free weights, or dumbbells, increases the muscle tone and defines a sculpted physique with just thirty minutes a day concentrating on your upper arms and legs. Building muscle heats up the body when the muscles grow, thus a fat burning process is in play twenty-four hours a day. However, your weight on the scale may increase due to the added muscle tissue. Just remember that you are replacing fat with lean muscles and the weight will eventually drop as your BMI changes.

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Now is the time to take charge of your eating habits and move yourself in a healthy direction. Every bite and morsel matters, so start where you are at this moment and feed your body for strength. Get lots of protein, low fat foods, fresh fruits and vegetable, and kiss your saddlebags goodbye. Drink your water and exercise, and in a matter of a few short weeks, you shall see mighty changes in your body image and experience renewed vitality to get through your day.

These tips have all been tested personally, and they work. Just spreading the word, from a dutch site called het mentale dieet plan to a more universal language, so everybody can implement these nuggets of gold in to their lifes.