Exercise Program

P90X vs Insanity – which is better? Both programs are popular and both can be done at home. The Insanity program is a fitness DVD program that was released after P90X. However, you should know that both programs have different approaches but this depends on what program you prefer. Both programs are of great quality but both have different strategy. If you can do a little research on each program, it might be easier for you to determine which one will best suit your fitness goal.

P90X is a fitness program that was designed to run for 90 days. Certain exercise equipments are needed in order to complete the routines like dumbbells, a chair, a pull-up bar, resistance bands and a good pair of shoes. The routines should be done for 6 days and for 1 hour and 30 minutes each day with one day of rest. This is a challenging weight loss program that can also help you tone your muscles at the same time. The routines vary and you will be doing yoga one day, cardio routines on the next day and other training routines on the other days. Each month of the program has a different phase. The workouts are changed each month to make sure that your muscles do not stop growing. Balance and cardio routines are also included in the program.

Shaun T’s Insanity program, on the other hand, runs for 60 days and is considered as a core training that is divided on two phases. In this program, no equipments are necessary, but using an exercise mat would be very helpful. This program involves various cardio training exercises that will last for 45 minutes per day and in another phase; the exercises will then last for an hour and a half. This can be an invigorating workout as it stresses on each element and the routines become more intense as you go through the program.

Do want performing intense exercises with lesser phases or you want to go for a program with a lesser intense approach but with more phases? With P90X, you will be able to define your muscles but with Insanity, you will be getting continuous intensity. The various workout routines in both programs can help keep you stay motivated and determined to achieve your workout goal.

However, if you are still having a hard time choosing between these programs, you might want to check some fitness or health blog for help or ask the advice of a professional physical trainer. You also have to make sure that your body is fit enough to engage in these exercises so that you will not end up having an injury.