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A Special Note From Lisa Fox, creator of
Be Slimmer-Be You ™

Hello there! I’m Lisa Fox, creator of Be Slimmer–Be You. Like you, I am a girl who used to be very unhappy with her body at one point in life and I know how frustrating it feels to do things you think help you move closer to that tiny waist…. But in the end not seeing any visible results. Or worse, – not even knowing what to do about it! It’s heartbreaking! I’ve been there! Let me tell you a little bit about my own journey and how I became so passionate about health & fitness as well as helping people get fit naturally and permanently…

See, a few years ago I was 15 pound heavier (I know I know, it’s not crazy but it was totally making me uncomfortable in my own body. Can you relate?). I wasn’t satisfied with my weight but I was determined to shave off those “last”, as they call it, 15 pounds, which are actually the hardest to lose. I thought I was doing the right things by eliminating oils from my meals, cutting down carbs (I thought they were bad!!! And that they make you fat and all that nonsense…) you know what I’m talking about? Also I would purchase an expensive year-long gym membership, because that’s what was going to motivate me to workout and ultimately get me in shape, I thought, – to only find myself doing same boring elliptical and treadmill things in there that made me exhausted in the end and not have any visible progress to show for it.
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Once I effortlessly lost those 15 pounds in a matter of 3 weeks and achieved my desired weight and shape that I’ve been sustaining ever since (…and no it didn’t happen because of the gym membership or fad dieting!), I realized all those mistakes I was making for years. And now I’m sharing this system with you in a form of a home study course so that you too can have your own lifestyle and body makeover!

It’s the most complete beginner program you’ll find (I’ve looked) and I’m really excited for you to try it!